Why We Photograph the Way We Do

Our brides have often imagined their wedding day since they were children – how she would look, how she would feel, how every detail would come together in celebration of her love story. Each love story and couple is unique and it’s our job to capture that. The photographs from wedding days should show authentic moments of love and happiness.

Her wedding day will be one of the most emotional days of our brides’ life and it’ll be over before she knows it. Capturing the emotional attachments throughout the day is the most special gift she will ever receive. Not only is it so important to capture the relationship between bride and groom, but also to tell the story of the relationships between them and their guests.

We photograph in a way to capture every emotion coming across on the wedding day because we know how important they are. When our brides look through their wedding albums, years or decades from now, we want them to feel something. We want them to tear up. We want them to fondly remember their wedding day. We want them to feel as though the images captured were genuine. We want them to remember the experience that we as photographers delivered to her.

When we look back on our weddings and elopements, we get all teary eyed seeing our amazing couples and their tender love stories. It feels so real looking back at them.

We incorporate the landscape in our images to remind us of why our brides chose to be married in the beautiful place they were. Our brides want landscape portraits to decorate their walls and remind them of their adventurousness.


It is our promise to provide tangible validation of the love that exists in people’s lives through beautiful imagery. We want our couples to look back on their wedding album on their first, 10th, 50th anniversary and see the unfiltered love and emotion staring back at them. We want those moments to freeze time and live on forever. During the hard times of marriage, we want the images from the “best day ever” to give our couple strength and comfort to face all the challenges life throws their way. The picture framed on the mantel will remind them of the vows they made to each other and will renew and inspire your sense of adventure. The epic mountains you were photographed in are meant to make you feel alive.

It is our hope that, in some small way, when our couple sees the photograph of their joyful faces, full of raw love and dreams of the future together, it will remind them to live out their vows every. Single. Day. We hope that your children can look upon your happy day and know where their parents’ love story started. We hope that our couples can remember loved ones who may no longer be with them. By providing the tangible proof of love that exists in people’s lives, it can have the power to transform marriages.


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