Wedding Color Palettes that will Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Dare to be different with bold and unexpected color choices. If you’re planning a contemporary wedding, I’m sure your Pinterest board is all over the place. Something you’ll notice that always stays the same is that the color palette in the weddings you’re liking all have different and unique color palettes. The lesson here is that surprising color combos have the power to completely transform the look and feel of your wedding. Even if you’re looking at the same wedding elements, putting in splashes of color will make your wedding look like no other wedding your guests have ever been to.

We’re photographers and artists at heart, so when we talk about color, we get ALL kinds of excited! These combinations and color ideas (hopefully) get you all excited to step out of the box and try something new. We’re mixing lots of different options – those cheerful brights, moody jewel tones and muted earth tones – to show you that even the most unlikely colors can totally work together.

Pro tip : If switching colors ever feels too stark, include a neutral middle color to help meld the two different shades together!


When we were in the design process, we wanted to highlight the jewel tones, but also warm up the wedding with the pink color. Rose gold geometric accents of the shoot bring a touch of modern flair to the classic navy and mauve color palette.



Black isn’t really the newest invention to the wedding day palette, but it does allow the pairing color to be your star attraction. For more cool tone wedding, consider pairing a desaturated teal or jet color. You’ll be going for the moody-meets-earthy vibe that’s the definition of contemporary.



If you’re planning for a fall wedding, consider this burnt orange and off-white color palette, a fresh nod to the season. You can introduce the color palette with unique favor ideas, escort cards, and even your fashion choices. Can you imagine your groom in a rust tux??



Emerald is one of the most classy wedding colors we’ve ever encountered. Adding in black will make things much more interesting while still highlighting the emerald that we love.



Spring weddings mean you get to have some fun with the color palette! If you want a twist on the traditional garden wedding, amp up the colors a bit. Instead of your everyday blush, expand to a candy pink. It’s a bit brighter and will add a pop of color. The chartreuse is also more saturated and a bit more playful.



If you’re looking to add some spice to the traditional purple wedding, add in all the succulents you can. This fall color palette will make your guests feel warm and cozy.



If you’re looking to upgrade a traditionally classic color palette is to add in some metallic elements. Metallic furniture, archways, plates, shoes, etc. are fun ways to shake things up.



The twist on the everyday maroon color palette is to desaturate things and take it to a more vintage feel. The way the desaturated pinks, blues, and greens compliment the dark pops of maroon really make this an interesting color palette.



No color makes me happier than a bright mustard! Seriously, have you ever encountered a color that makes you smile more? Mix in oranges and greenery and you have a truly interesting and swoon worthy color palette.


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