Top 7 Tips For Newly Engaged Couples

Top 7 Tips For Newly Engaged Couples- Couple in dip-kiss pose standing in field

OH HEY, YOU’RE ENGAGED!!! Congratulations! You can feel the excitement, you're on cloud nine, you want to shout it from the rooftops! We totally understand getting to spend the rest of your life with the person you love most. Who wouldn’t be excited?! When all of that excitement wears off you might be left feeling a little overwhelmed with what to do next. When it is time to start planning we have made a guide of the top 7 tips for newly engaged couples.

Don’t rush into planning just yet. Enjoy this moment, you’re freaking engaged!!! Let that sink in, the pure love and excitement you’re feeling right now. This is a special time for you and your partner. There is no need to cut that short by jumping straight into wedding planning. Let's be honest, wedding planning is stressful!.

These are the ones we think are the most important and beneficial for newly engaged couples in their pre-wedding journey! So let's get to the nitty-gritty (right after you admire that beautiful ring of yours for the thousandth time today because it never gets old)!!

Top 7 Tips For Newly Engaged Couples- Couple sitting on a log cuddling in the woods

1. Make A Plan

Having a plan before you move forward with wedding planning helps this process go a lot smoother! Being newly engaged, you may not know where to even start with making a plan. The first thing to do is sit down with your partner and have a real conversation about budget, wedding size, and location. If you need location ideas for the perfect Montana wedding check out our Montana Venue Guide!!

All three of these things go hand in hand. The best tip for newly engaged couples is first, make the budget, then find a venue that fits the criteria. These discussions are never easy but are necessary and so important. At times it can be hard to figure out what your budget is going to be. Start with a wedding budget checklist. It can give you an idea of what percent of your budget should be dedicated to each element.

Using a wedding budget calculator is also a helpful tool to calculate approximate costs for each element. Please, please, please make sure you do research on how much a wedding costs so that you are not surprised, especially if you plan to marry in a different location than where you live. Things can possibly be more or less expensive in different areas. Remember to enjoy your new engagement and not be stressed about going over your budget!!

2. You Don’t Have To Ask For Opinions

That's right! You heard it here first! You don't need to ask for or take others' opinions if you don’t want to. Let's be honest, it's your day, not theirs. Telling the people that are closest to you that you are newly engaged can turn into a stressful task. Especially when the first thing they want to do is give you advice on how to be married! Sometimes the advice is welcome and helpful, but other times it's not. Like when that wacky Aunt Wendy proceeds to tell you about that one time… you know the one….

We are here to tell you it’s ok to take everyone's advice! It's up to you to decide what advice you choose to take and what advice you choose to be like Elsa and let it go. Remember it's your day and it's up to you and your spouse to make it your own.

Top 7 Tips For Newly Engaged Couples- Couple holding hand walking through field with their dog

3. Don’t Skip Engagement Photos

Trust us on this, you don’t want to skip engagement photos!!! Newly engaged couples please remember that engagement photos are a very important part of your wedding experience! Your engagement is an exciting time, that love and happiness deserve to be documented.

Engagement photos are the perfect place to get to know your wedding photographer on a more personal level before your nuptials. Your photographer also gets a chance to get to know you as a couple! Engagement photos help make you more comfortable in front of the camera and work out all of the nerves before your wedding day. Our How To Prepare For an Engagement Session Guide has some amazing tips on how to prepare for your engagement session.

Engagement session locations can be a fun way to incorporate the things you like to do as a couple. Engagement photos don’t have to be taken in a studio or in your local park. Incorporate things you enjoy as a couple. These can include breakfast at a local coffee shop, a hike on your favorite trail, and even state and national parks to get some of those breathtaking photos. Check out the awesome Montana engagement photo location guide for some inspiration! Having fun with your engagement photos can make for more relaxed, natural, and candid photos.

Top 7 Tips For Newly Engaged Couples- Couple standing on rocks holding hand with lake and mountain behind them

4. Decide on Vendors Early

With an influx of weddings in 2022 and 2023 due to Covid postponements, vendors' schedules are filling up fast! According to The Knot “In 2019, the number of couples marrying in the US was 2.2 million; whereas, in 2022, our data indicates at least 2.6 million couples will throw weddings.” This means when you find a vendor you want to work with, move quickly. Be flexible with dates to raise the chance of booking with them!

Much of the wedding industry is struggling with labor shortages and the increased cost of goods. For 2022 & 2023 weddings, Plan for delays and difficulty finding rentals. This even includes your wedding dress! Another article from The Knot says “Couples are encouraged to be open-minded and flexible while setting wedding expectations.”

Top 7 Tips For Newly Engaged Couples- Couple Kissing leaning up against a truck

5. Don’t Assume You Know What Your Partner Wants

Please, please, please involve your partner in wedding planning! This day is for both of you. Not only does this take the stress off of you, but it is also a great way to help build your relationship as a newly engaged couple. Compromising on details or vendors to reach an end goal helps to foster teamwork skills. Relationships thrive on working together to build a new life! Teamwork makes the dream work!

Now sometimes getting your partner involved in decisions is not always easy! Not everyone enjoys planning events and some honestly find it too stressful! Here are some ideas that your spouse might really get behind from Bustle. What a great way to take some planning off your plate while involving your lover!

6. Don’t Spend All of Your Time Planning

Wedding planning does not need to consume all of your time! That definitely leads to wedding planning anxiety. That post engagement high you are feeling right now only lasts so long, so don’t spend all of your days as a newly engaged couple planning for your big day! Even though you’re engaged you are laying the building blocks for the future of your relationship.

Remember to make time to have fun together! Wedding planning does not need to consume your life, make an effort for some quality “we time” that doesn't include wedding planning. You’re a newly engaged couple enjoying this time with each other! Continue to fall madly in love, it makes the stressful planning worth it!

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7. Ask Your Photographer For Advice

Wedding photographers are a great source of advice for newly engaged couples when it comes to wedding planning. This is especially helpful for destination weddings! We compiled lists of the best venues in our area and what each one offers. We also have knowledge of different vendors in our local area that you might not have thought of! Furthermore, we know a lot of the great spots for those beautiful engagement photos you have been looking for.

Photographers can also be helpful with planning details of your wedding. As artists, we love to talk about color palettes that will help your wedding stand out. It really gets our creative juices flowing. Dare to be bold and unexpected with color choices!! Out-of-the-box color combinations have the power to completely transform the look and feel of your wedding. So if they feel right, go for it!!

Wedding photographers spend their time making your wedding day as seamless as possible! Wedding photographers are not just there to take photos! They help to orchestrate one of the biggest days of your life. We have wedding timeline ideas to make your day go off without a hitch. Photographers also keep things moving forward throughout your day by following the timeline you decide on.

Top 7 Tips For Newly Engaged Couples- Enagaged couple with heads together smiling in the sun

Bonus Top 6 Do’s and Don’ts For Newly Engaged Couples

  1. Do share a ring selfie!! Of course call and share with your nearest and dearest first! Then when the two of you are ready, take a cute picture together or a picture of that new bling and share the news!!

  1. Don’t rush into choosing your wedding party. Wedding planning is a process, sometimes taking a year or more!! A lot can happen in a year and friends can come and go. Wait until closer to your date to choose who you want to be by your side on your big day!!

  1. Don’t wear a ring that is too big!!! We know you just got it and you don’t ever want to take it off. But you don’t want to accidentally lose your new bling because it is too loose. Take it in and get it sized so you won’t regret it! This is also a great time to look at wedding bands and get some ideas. We also recommend getting your ring insured! It could save your behind if something happens to your ring!

  2. Do celebrate!!! You’re engaged!! As a newly engaged couple, you deserve to go out and celebrate Whether it be with friends and family or just the two of you, celebrate! Being newly engaged only happens once!

  1. Do get inspired! Hello, Pinterest we are coming for ya and all your dreamy wedding inspiration!! Pinterest is a great place to search for and save wedding ideas. Make a wedding inspo board that can be shared with your wedding planner. That way they can have a clear view of your vision for your wedding day!

  1. Do hire a wedding planner! Hiring a wedding planner not only frees up your schedule it can also lower your stress level. Wedding planners know the ins and outs of the wedding industry and they are there for you every step of the way! Hiring a wedding planner might seem like a luxury but trust us they are totally worth it! Our favorite wedding planners to work with are Wild Montana Wedding!

Congratulations on being newly engaged! We are so excited for you and your partner on this journey. If you choose to have us as your wedding photographers we love to help our couples through this adventure! Please contact us. We would love to chat!


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