Seven Mile Meadow Wedding

There's just something magical about photographing friends on their wedding day. The day comes together seamlessly, the joy on their faces makes us even happier than usual (as if that was even possible), and there is just so much meaning in the day. It's on days like this that we sit back and realize that this is about SO much more than the wedding day. It's about the marriage.

Sure, we are all gathered here today to celebrate the absolutely picture perfect (literally) union of these two gorgeous human beings, but they would have the best marriage even without us being there. They could've eloped to an inspirational place in the middle of nowhere and the end result would be the same. They would be married to their best friend.

Anywaaaaay... mushiness aside, our friends Logan and Josh had the most stunning little wedding at Seven Mile Meadow. The mountains in the background was the perfect setting for their intimate ceremony and you wouldn't even believe how happy Logan looked coming down the aisle with her dad. It's like she couldn't WAIT to marry her best friend.

We got to romp around in the field with the couple a bit for their sunset session and it was SO worth it! You could just feel the love and excitement between them... not to mention their dance moves. The entire day was FIRE!