6 Questions to Ask A Wedding Photographer

You're engaged, planning a wedding and you don't know what questions you should ask your wedding photographer. Who better to help you out than us?? We're here to give you the inside scoop!

1. What Do You Offer In Your Photography Collections?

The answer should be that they offer quality keepsake wedding albums in all of their packages. We believe in being a full service photography business. We offer you not only the wedding day coverage, but something tangible for you to cherish and share with every generation to come. With customizable cover material, embossing, and thick archival pages that can be turned year after year filled with your memories. Of course, digital images are valuable to our clients, which is why we offer them, but this shouldn’t be the only thing you walk away from your wedding day with.

Another “must” is an engagement session! Your engagement photo shoot will help us get to know you and help you get comfortable being photographed. The images can be used not only for your album, but also on the invitations, save the dates, thank you notes or signing book. We love nothing more than to capture the “ness” of you and your love story!

2. Do You Photograph the Emotional, Candid Moments of My Wedding Day?

We are huge believers in catching the candid, emotional moments on the wedding day. Those are the most important moments that you’ll cherish in your wedding album always. Capturing those authentic moments is one of the most difficult jobs we have as photographers. We want to know you as a couple so we can produce images that reflect the true “you” so you can relive that happiness.

We use “Unposed” prompts during the wedding day to prompt the bride and groom to interact naturally. Something like, “hold each other close, now whisper in her ear a time that you needed her.” That will usually create such a sweet funny moment between the bride and groom that will be captured on film. Or something silly like, “whisper your favorite breakfast food. As sexily as possible.” That one’s always a classic!

3. Do You Have a Second Shooter?

The answer should be YES! A photography team is important because you need to have every side of your wedding day captured. We want to capture the look of your groom as he sees you for the first time walking down the aisle AND you with your dad and your beautiful dress as you walk toward your future husband.

Our team has worked together for years and we've been trained in the same style of photography. This is really important to have the 2nd shooter as an active part of the photography company. You should be able to trust that the 2nd shooter has worked with the main photographer a LOT. Their style should be the same.

4. Can You Use Off Camera Flash When Photographing Dark Receptions?

Just because it’s a dark room, doesn’t mean you should settle for dark photos – no, Star Wars fans, Darkness is NOT your ally. We want to see those eyes when they’re getting glossy from your maid of honor’s speech or your first dance. You should ask for samples of photographs from the reception to make sure the quality is good all day long.

Will you supply a day of wedding photography timeline?

The answer here should be YES! The only person who will know how long to take for photos is your photographer. They will also walk you through the scheduling differences between a First Look wedding and a Traditional and how that will impact your photography time. Your bride and groom session should last at least 45 minutes and we always suggest a sunset session at the end of the night. The light is the best at that time of day and you will really love the quality time with just the two of you.

Last But Not Least: know that you are looking for a photographer who will CONNECT with you!

Your wedding photographer needs to be someone you actually like. Someone you could hang out and have a drink with. It needs to be someone who makes you laugh and someone you trust with big ticket items. They need to be someone who has been around the block more than once. Your photographer is promising to be that person to our clients. It’s SO important. We love getting to know our clients over a drink (or ice cream!!) before we book them for their wedding. An engagement session is also included in every package so that we can get to know you both better and you guys can know what it’s like to be photographed with us.

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