New Year, New Us! | Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Oh heeeey, ya'll!

It was one crazy year in 2020, but we're here all shiny and new for all that 2021 has to offer. We're going to bring in the new year appreciating the little things and not taking anything for granted. We won't be under-appreciating being able to go out for tacos or try on clothes ever again.

But enough about all that jazz! We're looking forward. Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our friends, family, clients, and even those beautiful people who we haven't met yet. 2021 marks the start of so many fun things not just for all of us personally (hellooooo Montana life!), but also in the business!

This new fine art wedding photography company, Roots and Willow Photography is about serving our community with the most memorable wedding photos . We care about the memories you make on your wedding day and we want them captured so you can cry over them for ever and ever. Sure, there are lots of wedding photographers out there, but what makes us special is that we know how to slow you down on the wedding day to savor those moments. We know how to curate the moments that you'll hold on to the rest of your life. We'll ask you to reflect on your first kiss as husband and wife as you hold each other tight. We'll have him whisper his favorite things about you (even if that is how you will eat cereal for any meal of the day). We'll give you the space to truly present.

Our goals this year?

Simple. We strive to serve. We strive to make every single experience with our couples absolutely magical. Our goal is to make you feel damn special not just on the wedding day, but every single day through the planning process and beyond. We also want to appreciate the little things in life. The cups of coffee, the small adventures we get to have, and the love of family and friends who have been there the whole time. We want to eat healthy, exercise and strive to be present in the moment.

  • Be grateful

  • Obsess over serving our brides

  • Read 3 books that will feed our souls

  • Ease up on the donuts

  • Photograph 10 weddings in 2021 - a HUGE goal for a new company, but we believe that we can do it!

We'll leave you here with that. We would loooove to hear your resolutions!! Any epic travel blogs you've found?! Books you just HAVE to read? New taco places in town?! We are ALL ears.

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