Montana Wedding at Dunrovin Ranch

We could tell you how Jordan's dress looks like it came straight out of a jewel filled Great Gatsby movie, and how absolutely stunning she looked. Their wedding party is filled with their closest friends and family. It's so clear that Jordan & Tim are so madly in love. You can tell by the way Tim can't take his eyes off her. We could tell you about their wedding colors and how every couple will want to take notes. The maroon, pinks, and golds paired with the gorgeous blooms on the arch blow us away. We could tell you all about this gorgeous Dunrovin Ranch wedding, but we think the pictures speak for themselves.

Instead, we'll tell you all about this adorable couple. Jordan, our lovely bride, posted this info on her social media and we really love how it explains the "ness" of this couple.

How did you meet? At a party in Chester I’m pretty sure.

Firsts Date? I honestly can’t remember but maybe a New Years Eve concert/party.

How long have you been together: Just over 4 years!

Who was interested first? Me

Most impatient? Definitely me lol

Most sensitive? Also me lol

Loudest? Me again. Unless he’s watching the Griz or the Vikings.

Most Stubborn? We both can be.

Cooks better? I think we both cook great but Tim definitely does most of the cooking!

Better morning person? Depends on the day!

Better driver? Hands down Tim!

Most competitive? We both are but if I had to pick.. me

Funniest? Tim! I don’t think anyone makes me laugh as much as he does!

I think it's safe to say that they would both want the title of "loves you more!"

Photography: Roots & Willow Photography Venue: Dunrovin Ranch Hair & Makeup: Lexi Marie Cosmetics

Jewelry: C.M Buxton Jeweler


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