Missoula Engagement Session with a RAD couple!

We live to be your BEST HYPE GIRLS!!! Lindsey & Tim know it better than anyone, that when you have your wedding experience with us, you're going to get another bridesmaid with a camera. Not only are we here to make you feel unapologetically yourself and take pretty pictures, we're here to guide you through the whole Missoula engagement session experience. Montana has SO many gorgeous elopement photo locations and these spots are some of our favorite!

Ok ok ok enough about all that. We are dying to talk about this ah-mazing couple. Lindsey and Tim are a Rogers & Co Fine Jewelry couple who get a free engagement session with us. These two are the sweetest people and have the best sense of humor. We laugh so much our cheeks burn! They met five years ago at Chico Hot Springs and have been inseparable ever since.

They're seriously so fun. In between poses or walking somewhere, they laugh the entire time. They might've been nervous leading up to the session, but it's kind of like a first date. They weren't sure exactly what it would be like, but we just photograph them, and we immediately connect. Lindsey & Tim are so sweet, and so authentic. They are unapologetically themselves and that's what we love about them. They love (and accept) each other because of their weirds.

We just know that the partaaaay will be poppin' for their wedding day. Cue the music. Cue the alcohol. They will have an unforgettable experience on their wedding day.

We kick off their wedding planning adventure with a pop of champagne, a date night full of giggles and inside jokes, and deliver them photos they'll have on their wall for years to come. It's our JAM!



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