Missoula Engagement Session at Blue Mountain

It all starts when Mariah & Castan win our free Missoula engagement session contest on Instagram! As soon as we talk to Mariah, we know right away that this session will be so much fun! She asks if dogs are allowed at engagement sessions and the answer is, "oh girl, they're not just allowed, they're encouraged!"

Their dog, Kado, a sleek black husky, came along with us for our walk on Blue Mountain. He has a blast running around and meeting all the adorable dogs. We see so many fur baby puppies, and the day is immediately a win. The sun is out without a cloud to hide behind. We find patches of shade to take photos with the most magical, warm sunset lighting. The grass is lush and green with little spots of wildflowers peeking through.

Pro tip : silk is the best fabric for your engagement session dress

One of Mariah's Missoula engagement session outfits was this gorgeous, light blue silk dress from lulus.com. The dress catches the wind just right, so when she spins, the dress flairs up in the most romantic way. Her other outfit is a boho black top, ripped jeans and a rancher hat with a blush band. She gets major style points!

Mariah & Castan are so natural together. As we walk around and explore, we take photos and hear all about their love story. Castan proposed at a lake house on Ashley Lake, on a bridge with the lake and mountains in the background. As he gets down on one knee to propose, he says the sweetest things to Mariah. Time stands still. And she says yes! Now they celebrate their engagement with their Missoula engagement session with holding hands, a drink after the session, and lots of spinning...

At some point, we ask Castan to hold up Mariah, pick her up, and spin with her in his arms. Castan asks, "Does this look as awkward as it feels?" We show him the back of the camera of a sneak peek of one of the photos. He says, "Wow! That looks awesome!" Even if spinning with his fiancé is never something he does, the photos of it always turn out beautifully.


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