Missoula Engagement Session

The morning we photographed Jordan and Tim's ADORABLE Missoula engagement session couldn't have been more perfect. The sun was out and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Walking along the Clark Fork River, there was just a little bit of snow to make this winter session even more magical. Kristie photographed these two love birds so beautifully!

During the session, the absolutely sweetest thing happened. Tim picked her up, and Jordan told him that he could put her down whenever he got tired. Tim said, "Nope, I'm fine. I can hold you all day."

These two are hands down the sweetest couple we've ever photographed. They were so loving on each other, clearly so excited about their upcoming wedding. Their cute little fall wedding is something we've been looking forward to ever since we first talked to them about their day. They're just two small town Montanans and wanted their wedding day to reflect who they are as a couple. The Dunrovin Ranch is the perfect spot. They're hoping for a large wedding, their closest friends and siblings making up their wedding party, and the kids of the family being the flower girls and ring bearer. (insert aaahhhh here)

We asked Jordan what she was most excited about for the wedding, and she said all she wants is to celebrate with her family and friends. We're here for it, girl!

Pro tip: when you get your Missoula engagement session photographed, always have two outfit changes

Jordan had texted us a few different outfit options the night before her engagement session. She was really excited about it and we loved the outfits she picked. We always recommend having two outfits for a Missoula engagement session, so you can have more variety for your photoshoot. She also dressed it up perfectly with a plaid skirt and tall black boots. Take notes on her style, ladies, you won't regret it.

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