Frenchtown Engagement Session with Adorable Fur Baby

You know you've found the right person when the relationship is easy. That's what Sean said about Mikayla. He knew the right person wouldn't be hard, and that's how he went into his proposal.

Sean proposes to Mikayla two years after knowing each other. Growing a business and life together is the most important thing to them, and they're thinking about building their forever home. On the day of their proposal, they take a Saturday morning walk, talk over building plans, and when Sean asks "are you sure you want your house to be forever?" Mikayla gets emotional. And why wouldn't she?! It's such a beautiful thought - starting a life together with your best friend.

They're looking forward to their wedding next summer. Sean's family is huge and he has so many friends. Mikayla describes him as the "shirt off his back kind of guy." They want to give their wedding guests an experience to remember forever.

For their engagement session, Kristie meets Mikayla and Sean at Old Bull Brewing in Frenchtown. This is one of the couples' favorite places and they drink a beer to celebrate their engagement. Their dog, Denver (after the Denver Broncos, of course), is the cutest fur baby ever! He splashes in the water, shakes and gets his humans all wet. Let's be honest, he's too cute and they're not even mad.

The slight cloud cover created a hazy effect for the day, and made the lighting for this sunset Frenchtown engagement session absolutely sublime!

We can't wait for Mikayla & Sean's wedding next year! Can Denver come too, please?!


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