Chico Hot Springs Winter Wedding

Chico hot springs wedding

Montana skips fall and goes straight to winter. It pans out perfectly for Ariel and Richard. Their sweet winter wedding at Chico Hot Springs is (literally) all sunshine!

This is a fairytale wedding and every dream come true for these two lovebirds. From their vintage burgundy color palette to the way he looks at her during their first look, everything is so perfect and romantic! We couldn’t dream up a more perfect wedding if we tried! The epic mountains, bright sunshine, and the wonderful people coming together to celebrate these two adorable human beings make it even more perfect.

Chico Hot Springs is gorgeous and it’s all thanks to being surrounded by the glorious mountains. The couple and their entire (AMAZING) wedding party hike up with us for some truly stunning “top of the mountain” photos! I’m pretty sure there’s even a “JUMP!” photo that can’t be missed!

Being a part of such an incredible love story like Ariel & Richard’s is why we love what we do. This is the secret sauce. The special “oomph” that keeps us coming back for wedding after wedding. We are SO blown away by the pure happiness and love for this couple. After all of the happy tears, hugs, and laughter, we know Ariel and Richard are meant to be!