Bozeman Winter Engagement Session

Bozeman winter engagement session

If you're looking for an engagement session location in Bozeman, Hyalite Canyon Reservoir should be on your list. There are loads of fun things to do in Bozeman, even in the winter! We went up to Hyalite for Katie & Trevor's engagement session and it was like we were in a snow globe. It was snowing which made things extra romantic and the trees were frosted (much like Katie's left hand... holllaaaa)!.

We feel like we know these two wonderful human beings down to their souls. They had to move their wedding date because of Covid-19, and we have been on the journey with them the entire time. They were positive, upbeat, and took things as they came throughout the entire experience. At the end of the session, they both gave me the biggest hugs and it felt like I was leaving that day with two really great friends. It means so much that I can be a part of this amazing experience that they're having. It sounds sappy, but these two got to me. They did. Everything about them is so genuine and kind. I just wish we lived closer so we could hang out for pineapple martinis and strawberry margaritas (their signature wedding drinks)!

They flew out from Maryland for their wedding and they wanted to romp around in the snow with me for a day. I was the lucky one they wanted to spend time with. And that's what we did. They're so much fun. I didn't even have to worry about posing them, because just being together put them at ease. It made my job SO easy!


Katie has this radiant smile that lights up a room and Trevor knows exactly what to say to make that smile go NUTS! I asked Trevor to whisper his favorite breakfast cereal in Katie's ear as sexily as possible and his food was... "eggs." HA! I seriously could NOT stop laughing.