8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date If You Have to Postpone

Postponing your wedding can feel overwhelming and like you’re losing something. You’ve been looking forward to your date for so long and now you’ll have to wait even longer to marry the love of your life. There are some upsides to postponing and there’s definitely ways to make your original date special.

Especially in these times, we’ll take ANY excuse to celebrate and you should definitely take advantage of your original wedding date. We want you to feel happy and excited about what’s to come, even if you had to postpone your wedding for later. One of the most important things to do is to sit down and honor your feelings on that day. You could be feeling sadness or a sense of loss. Sit with those feelings, soak them up, and then move forward with a way that will help you celebrate.


PRO TIP: Remember that you’re not alone in this and you will get married with an unforgettable celebration.


A great way to celebrate you day is to go ahead with a wedding ceremony on your original day with just you and your fiance. You could take your favorite hike or go to your special place to be married. Then you can celebrate with another ceremony with all of your family and friends.

1. Don’t Cancel Your Wedding Cake

The cake tasting phase of wedding planning is one of the BEST and it’s one that you should take advantage of on your original wedding date. Order your delicious three tier vanilla buttercream cake with huckleberry compote filling to your door and have your little cake cutting!

2. Exchange Love Letters

Expressing your love and feelings to your partner on this important day is such a lovely way to connect with what is important – your marriage! Reading these feelings of love and happiness will make you smile and fall even deeper in love. These aren’t in exchange for vows, you will still have that meaningful moment when you have your wedding ceremony.

3. Organize a Car Parade

Even if you can’t invite your loved ones to a large wedding or into your home, you can still celebrate with them while maintaining social distancing! WHOOO!!! Organize a car parade! To make this happen, ask your guests to drive by your house at a specific time to congratulate and send you off with well wishes. You and your fiance can sit in the yard and wave at everyone, or even bust a move to the song on the radio!

4. Schedule an Adventure Session

See if your photographer is available for an outdoor adventure session on your original wedding date. You can go to your favorite hike or spot and take some photos to celebrate the day. You can even get dressed in your wedding attire and get all of those dreamy adventure photos you wanted but didn’t have time for on the wedding day. Be sure to bring some bubbly to celebrate!

You could also get your videographer to tag along and film your session. A great way to make this special is to read your love letters to each other out loud and that audio would be on top of your footage. Ok insert the tears.

5. Mix Your Signature Cocktail

Signature cocktails on your wedding day is one of the most fun ways to personalize your wedding. If you were planning (or even if you weren’t) a signature cocktail, get the ingredients for the concoction and mix it yourself. Serve it in fancy glasses and sip away.

6. Celebrate Virtually

Once you’ve figured out your signature cocktail, share the recipe with your family and friends. Invite them to a virtual cocktail hour! You can all get dolled up and celebrate on your day!

7. Watch Old Wedding Videos

While you have to wait a bit longer for your own wedding day, take some time and watch your parent’s wedding video. One of our couples has watched their parents’ wedding video almost once a year! She thinks it’s so special to look back on past celebrations and she cries every time.

8. Look Back on Your Relationship

There’s no better time than now to look back on your relationship and celebrate. Gather all of your photos over the years and design an album. You could even walk by the place you first met or where he popped the question.

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