8 Things Guests Secretly Wish For

Psssst!! We’ve got a little secret for you! Wedding guests tend to care more about good booze than fancy favors (which, sadly they might forget to take home anyway). Of course, your wedding should be about you and your future Mr. want, buuuut it’s also important to keep the wedding guests in mind. It goes a long way in creating your happily ever after. With that in mind, here are eight things that your family and friends secretly (or not so secretly) wish you’d have at your wedding.

1. Be Real About the Dress Code

While it’s definitely not the most fun detail to include in your invitations, guests appreciate this SO MUCH! You’ll appreciate it too when you don’t have everyone and their cousins asking you what to wear for your wedding. You could spice it up and say things like, Dress to the Nines, Mountain Elegance, or Dress to Impress. More concrete categories of dress you could use are Formal, Semiformal, or Cocktail Attire. here’s a thought, you could consider having a “What to Wear” section of your wedding website. Moms everywhere will thank you.

2. Get Rid of the Assigned Seats

No guest likes to be told what seat to sit at for a wedding. Let’s be honest. Being sat a specific table is enough. Not to mention the politics of who gets to sit next to who and what a headache coming up with a seating chart can be.

3. Stop Playing Matchmaker

Something your single friends definitely don’t appreciate? When you seat them next to your cousin/coworker/frat brother/dog walker/sorority sister by seating them at the same table. If you really want love to grow, introduce them organically at the cocktail party and let the chips fall where they may. There’s nothing worse than being stuck with someone who’s a complete mismatch.

4. Invest in the Booze … Maybe Instead of All the Other “Extras”

Guests secretly (not so secretly) wish that instead of the sparkler exit and the flower wreath on every chair, that you splurge on having liquor, beer, and wine at the reception. Nobody leaves a wedding crying over missing that favor on their plate when they could’ve had more alcohol. Amen!

5. Don’t Interrupt the Party for Cake Cutting

Sure, the sweet (albeit old fashioned) wedding traditions are great, but it’s not so important to your guests. They honestly don’t really care about stopping the party in order to watch you two adorably feed each other. They do care about the cake getting into their mouths. You can make everybody happy and make this a private event during dinner with family and the wedding party. Then your dessert bar (and those killer dance moves) are ready to ROLL!

6. Serve Late Night Snacks

If you’re doing it right, dancing will work up an appetite and your guests have been with you for most of the day. Think crowd pleasers! Sliders, french fries, donut holes, pizza… the list is ENDLESS!

7. Help Them Get to Your Wedding

Guests love a little bit of organization and forethought in helping them get to your wedding ceremony. Include maps, directions and all the wedding details in your invitation. It’s even helpful to include this information in your wedding website. If you can afford it, wedding transportation to and from the wedding all always be appreciated.

8. Make the Dinner Part of the Reception Feel More Like a Party

More often than not, guests sit down to dinner and a snooze fest takes hold. Have the bar closed for only a short period of time (if even needed when you go from the cocktail hour location to the dinner location). Also, have the band play! They could easily take their seats or scoot on out to the dance floor. An even more fun reception setup to keep people moving – as opposed to a plated meal, offer food stations throughout your reception area. Be sure to still have seats for guests. This allows for that priceless interaction and mingling AND creates that perfect party atmosphere.

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