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For those who believe in savoring every moment and being unapologetically themselves.



It is our mission statement to provide tangible validation of the love that exists in people’s lives through beautiful imagery. We want our couples to look back on their wedding album on their first, 10th, 50th anniversary and see the unfiltered love and emotion staring back at them. We want those moments to freeze time and live on forever. During the hard times of marriage, we want the images from the “best day ever” to give our couple strength and comfort to face all the challenges life throws their way. Opening their wedding album will remind them of the vows they made to each other and will renew and inspire your sense of adventure. The epic mountains you were photographed in are meant to make you feel alive. 

It is our hope that, in some small way, when our couple sees the photograph of their joyful faces, full of raw love and dreams of the future together, it will remind them to live out their vows every. Single. Day. We hope that your children can look upon your happy day and know where their parents’ love story started. We hope that our couples can remember loved ones who may no longer be with them. By providing the tangible proof of love that exists in people’s lives, it can have the power to transform marriages.


Twenty years from now, when you look through your wedding album and see: 

Your husband’s special smile as you walk down the aisle…

Your granddad kissing your grandmother’s cheek…

Your five-year-old niece dancing circles around the cake…

… you won’t be thinking about the cost of your photography package. 


In order for a photographer to join the selective Honeybee associate team, they must have at least five years experience photographing weddings and have an authentic heart for savoring - something incredibly rare and unique. 

This means that we have to be highly selective in who we choose to join our Honeybee team, and when we do, we consider them family. 

Since we are recruiting the most sought-after photographers in Montana, we consider ourselves to be a mid-to-high end photography brand. Most of our couples spend between $3,500 to $6,000. 

However, if you are working with a budget of at least $2,500 and photography is a priority for your wedding, then it’s worth contacting us and having a conversation.


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Platinum Collection $4,500
  • 10 hours coverage

  • 2 photographers

  • Complimentary engagement session

  • Platinum Series 12x9” wedding album

  • Online sharing gallery with Downloadable Images

Gold Collection $3,500
Silver Collection $2,500
  • 8 hours wedding coverage

  • 1 photographer

  • Complimentary engagement session

  • Gold Series 8x10” keepsake wedding album

  • Online sharing gallery (non-downloadable)

  • 50% off all digital images

  • 6 hours coverage

  • 1 photographer

  • Silver Series 8x8” wedding album

  • Online Sharing Gallery

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frequently asked questions

Will I get to meet my photographer before the wedding?

Absolutely! Because we support our photographers with studio management and editing, our photographers are given the freedom to do what they love most - build a relationship with you and create gorgeous images! 

(I think it’s safe to say we have the happiest photographers on the planet - and the happiest couples too!)

Based on our personalities, we’ll help you choose which of our photographers would be the perfect match, and then we’ll set up a time for you to chat with them and build a connection.

How do I receive my images after the wedding?

You’ll receive your final, edited images in a simple online gallery where you and your family will order any professional prints you’d like to have in your home, as well as any downloadable high resolution images you might’ve purchased.

Of course, while we appreciate digital, your computer’s hard drive doesn’t really deserve to be your first family heirloom! Which is why most of our couples order a wedding album to preserve their memories long-term.

I want to see my wedding on my favorite wedding blogs. Do you do that?

YES!! We submit qualified weddings to wedding blogs that speak to the design and style of your wedding day. We make your wedding blog ready by getting gorgeous photos of your details and timeless bride and groom portraits.

I’m a little nervous about taking photos - will you help me pose?

WE GOTTCHU! One of our favorite parts of our job is connecting with our couples so much that you feel at ease behind the camera. We know how to give you something to do with your hands and make you feel natural at the same time. We like to call this “unposed posing.” 

How it works?  We set you and your honey up in a way that is flattering and oozes romance, and then we sneak in a little prompt to get you two to savor the moment. We might have your new husband wrap his arms around you, get in nice and close, and whisper in your ear his favorite thing about you or where he sees your marriage in five years. Or… we might have him whisper his favorite breakfast cereal in a sexy voice, just to make you smile. 

Your engagement session is a perfect time to practice being in front of the camera and get the best photos possible that are authentic and unapologetically you.

Is it true that you are mentored by Kelsey & Jake of Honeybee Weddings?

Yep! Our mentors, role models, and friends are none other than Kelsey and Jake, the dynamite husband and wife wedding photography duo that photographs intimate weddings and elopements all over the US. 


It’s no secret that Kelsey & Jake love their couples dearly, and they wanted to be able to impact many more couples on their wedding days too! So they found a way to serve more brides and gathered a team of artists that had the same heart for relationships as they do.

our style

We have walked with hundreds of couples through their wedding days, so we know with all too much clarity how fast the day goes by. One minute, you’ll be buttoning your dress or slipping into your suit and before you know it you’ll be air-guitaring to the DJ’s last song. 

As photographers, we spend more time with you than anyone else on your wedding day, even your mom or your  maid of honor,  and we have access to the most intimate moments. 

We call this SAVORING. 

But what makes us different from nearly every other photographer out there is that we view this special access as an opportunity. When events start moving too quickly for you, we know when we can step in, slow you down, and remind you to pause. 

We call this Savoring, and it’s at the heart of everything we do. We photograph in a way to capture every emotion coming across on the wedding day because we know how important they are. When you look through your wedding album, years or decades from now, we want you to feel something. We want you to tear up. We want you to fondly remember your wedding day. We want you to feel as though the images captured were genuine.

We treat all of our clients like friends. I mean, we’re basically besties by your messy-hair-don’t-care sendoff at the end of the night!